Creative Management Consultant
Marketing Strategies, Creative Concept Development and Implementation service for Brand or Corporate Communication that are Designed to serve purpose such as : Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Strategy, Brand Associations, Brand Percieved Quality, Brand Experience, Brand Activation, Brand Development, Brand Naming, Brand Identity and Brand Communication.

Consumer Marketing                               Corporate Activation
Product launcing                                       Annual Meeting
Product Sampling & demo                      Seminary & Motivating
Direct Selling                                              Employee Gathering
Consumer Engagement                          Corporate Social
Musical Event
Special Event

Trade Marketing                                              Provide
Instore Activation                                              Exhibition
Merchandising                                                  Design & Contractor Support
Branding, Canvaser                                         Sound System & Lighting System
Spreading, Increase in Sales                        Laser System
Distributorship                                                  Multimedia
Market Survey Stock                                         Event Venue
Dealer Gathering                                             Security Guard
SPG Instore                                                      SPG / FP Support
                                                                            Brand, DJ / FDJ Support
                                                                            Master of Ceremony
                                                                            Press Conference
                                                                           Creative Boutique
                                                                           Promo & Event Tools Creator
                                                                           Promo & Event Design Creator

Media Pertner & Production
Tv Commercial                                                Design Graphy
Digital                                                                Brochure,Catalogue
Vidio Company Profile                                   Infographic
Vidio Presentation                                          Annual Report
Animation Design Logo Product                 Calender
Bumper In & Out                                             Packaging
Video Shooting                                               Digital Interactive
Photography & Taking Product                    Digital Printing           
Web Development                                         Publishing           
Social Media                                                   Advertising         
Post Production                                             Radio Ads
Placement                                                      Internet Ads
Procurentment :                                            Event Organizer
- Office Stationary
- Computer
- Costum / Convection
- Audio Visual, dll


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Service Overview

GOLDWING tidak hanya support sebuah evet saja, akan tetapi kami juga suport anda untuk layanan :

- Event management
- Aerial photography
- Photo Video
- Tour
- Outbond
- Advertising

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